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What Is Text Racing?

Imagine a skill you use every day now has the ability to win you $100s, $1,000s -possibly $10,000s – of dollars. You practice this skill every day. We all do.  


Simply being able to text faster than your friends can now earn you money! Text racing is a new innovative sport that combines your intellect and savvy about any kind of subject matter with a skill-set any person who has used a computer or mobile device possess by default.

Winning Is Easy

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2. Show Up

3. Race

4. Win

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Text Racing is a new kind of professional sport that allows for anybody with the ability to text and follow directions to compete for significant cash and prizes against a group of their digitally enabled peers.

Currently Text Racers can win small or large cash prizes ranging from $10.00 – $10,000.00 in seconds. In the future these cash prizes have the opportunity to become far more lucrative as well cashing out to Not only Winners but Multiple Place Finishers Ranging from Top Ten all the way to Top 1000 in some of the larger races.

Register for your first Race and compete by honing your hand eye coordination skills to become the best that you can be.

A: There are a number of unique ways to accomplish this. Before each Race there is an opportunity to Qualify allowing racers to warmup based on Subject Matter and Track Type. A2:There are a number of practice tracks that are used to teach rookie, novice, and expert racers how to be more efficient texters.
A: Each contest will have multiple winners A2: Each Text Racer must have a bank or credit union account with an approved IN-Network financial institution to assist in the prevention of fraud.

The cost to Text Race will vary but typically each race will start at $1 but elite races may be $500 or more.

Text Races are based on how quickly a competitor is able to move their digital vehicle from the starting line to finish line. The individual racers that cross the finish line in the Top 10 are able to win immediate cash prizes.
Text Racing is more than simply hitting keys on a keyboard quickly, Text Racing also requires skill and attention to detail to know which keys are the right keys to touch at the correct moment and at the correct time.
A Text Racing contest can be very short or very long depending on the subject matter and length of each track allowing for each Race to vary. This works in the favor of the racers allowing a diverse array of Text Racers from all walks of life to compete and have an increased opportunity to win against different competitors.

A: Yes, BR will provide city by city locations with the necessary hardware and software to needed for racers to compete head to head and in teams for unique opportunities, cash, and prizes. These physical locations are known as BRC’s.

Try it for freE . No registeration needed.

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